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Janitorial Cleaning Services 

As the #1 janitorial service in Connecticut, we specialize in cleaning every corner of your office:

We thoroughly:

  • Dust the entire space, including high-dusting

  • Steam clean the carpets

  • Wash and Wax the floors

  • Office window cleaning

  • Disinfect the restrooms

  • Clean the kitchen, including the dishes

Our trained janitorial technicians are equipped to handle any type of job in our specialized areas of expertise. We carefully monitor the work of our staff on a regular basis to ensure that our high standards generate superior results for your cleaning needs.

We offer daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services for a wide range of janitorial tasks!

Call us to get a customized quote (203) 650-1060

Educational Facilities

School cleaning in Connecticut is a very sensitive job, but with Clover Cleaning on your side, you can trust that we will give our absolute best. We are more sensitive to dust and microbes when we are young. More and more children develop allergies nowadays and it’s important to protect their environment to prevent these allergies from worsening. 


Since children spend the majority of their time in school, it is very important to make sure that dirt, dust, toxic chemicals and anything else that can cause sickness or an allergic reaction is completely removed on a regular basis.

At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we are cleaning professionals that know how to maintain a sanitary and healthy school which promotes healthy environments for students. We do this by using our green cleaning supplies, which don’t add invisible airborne toxins, leaving the school completely clean.

Green Cleaning Services

Office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other commercial dwellings are cleaned not only for aesthetic reasons but also to create a healthier environment. However, some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that do more harm than good to the building’s occupants and maintenance workers. Some ingredients also pose risks to the environment.


Fortunately, there is now a market for green cleaning products, which are much safer for those involved and more efficient at ridding your office of germs and bacteria.

At Clover Commercial Cleaning, our professional janitorial services are backed by supplies that are Green Certified and are thus non-hazardous to the environment. We use these green cleaning supplies for everything – carpets, wood flooring, general building maintenance, and much more.

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