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Professional Office Cleaning IN CONNECTICUT

Having years of experience in the office cleaning business, Clover Commercial Cleaning has garnered a reputation as being one of the most thorough, hardworking and friendly cleaning companies in the area. When looking for an office cleaning service, it is important to look for one with a good reputation so that you know what to expect, especially when it comes to cleaning your office space.

We offer basic packages for general cleaning and more comprehensive packages for specialized janitorial office cleaning jobs, such as carpet cleaning, floor waxing, stripping and sealing, power washing, and window cleaning.

Why Office Cleaning is Important

A dirty office can negatively impact your employees’ morale and make working difficult, which would inevitably hurt the success of your business. In fact, the number of sick days that the average employee takes each year has a direct correlation to the amount of germs on an office desk. Thus, the purpose of a professional office cleaning service is to remove the common germs and allergens found on desks, computers, keyboards, lunchroom tables and carpets. Office cleaning means healthier employees and a more efficient workplace.

Why Hire an Office Cleaning Service?

When looking for an office cleaning service, it is important to choose one with a good reputation so that you know what to expect when it comes to cleaning your workplace – where you spend an average of 30% of your day. With years of experience in the office cleaning business in Connecticut, specifically Southwestern, Clover Commercial Cleaning has garnered a reputation for being one of the most thorough, hardworking and friendly cleaning companies in the area.

What is Involved in Office Cleaning?

We provide unsurpassed cleaning and maintenance services through active management and outstanding quality control measures. Our service is designed and implemented as a custom cleaning program that can be adapted to fit your individual needs and budget.

What is included in Office Cleaning?

We offer basic packages for general cleaning and more comprehensive packages for specialized office cleaning jobs, such as carpet cleaning, floor waxing, stripping and sealing, and window cleaning.

Our basic packages include but are not limited to:

  • Dust removal

  • Spill cleanup

  • Surface polishing

  • Vacuuming

  • Garbage removal

  • Bathroom sanitizing

What is included in Office Cleaning?

The cost of office cleaning in Connecticut greatly depends upon your individual schedule and requirements, i.e., whether you hire us for a one-time service or a maintenance plan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Why choose us to clean your office?

At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with the superb service that they deserve. From daily maintenance to unexpected situations, we are always prepared to handle your cleaning needs with skill and expertise. In addition, our technicians are fully insured.

Office Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our specialties include: office cleaning, floor stripping and sealing, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, porter service, and janitorial service.

Clover Commercial Cleaning provides unsurpassed office cleaning and maintenance services through active management and outstanding quality control measures. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers the best cleaning services for their office building. Our cleaning service is designed and implemented to customize a cleaning program that fits your needs and maintenance budget.

From daily maintenance to unexpected situations, we are always prepared. Our attention to detail and competitive pricing make us the office cleaning company of choice.

We work with many different kinds of offices, including:

  • Office Buildings

  • Schools & Universities

  • Retail Facilities

  • Banks

  • Medical Offices

  • Computer Firms

  • Industrial Lofts

  • Other Commercial

Janitorial Cleaning Services 

As the #1 janitorial service in Connecticut, we specialize in cleaning every corner of your office:

We thoroughly:

  • Dust the entire space, including high-dusting

  • Steam clean the carpets

  • Wash and Wax the floors

  • Office window cleaning

  • Disinfect the restrooms

  • Clean the kitchen, including the dishes

Our trained janitorial technicians are equipped to handle any type of job in our specialized areas of expertise. We carefully monitor the work of our staff on a regular basis to ensure that our high standards generate superior results for your cleaning needs.

We offer daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services for a wide range of janitorial tasks!

Call us to get a customized quote! (203) 650-1060

Commercial Cleaning

Educational Facilities

School cleaning in Connecticut is a very sensitive job, but with Clover Commercial Cleaning on your side, you can trust that we will give our absolute best. 


We are more sensitive to dust and microbes when we are young. More and more children develop allergies nowadays and it’s important to protect their environment to prevent these allergies from worsening. 


Since children spend the majority of their time in school, it is very important to make sure that dirt, dust, toxic chemicals and anything else that can cause sickness or an allergic reaction is completely removed on a regular basis.

At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we are cleaning professionals that know how to maintain a sanitary and healthy school which promotes healthy environments for students. We do this by using our green cleaning supplies, which don’t add invisible airborne toxins, leaving the school completely clean.


Green Cleaning Services

Office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other commercial dwellings are cleaned not only for aesthetic reasons but also to create a healthier environment. However, some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that do more harm than good to the building’s occupants and maintenance workers. Some ingredients also pose risks to the environment.


Fortunately, there is now a market for green cleaning products, which are much safer for those involved and more efficient at ridding your office of germs and bacteria.

At Clover Commercial Cleaning, our professional janitorial services are backed by supplies that are Green Certified and are thus non-hazardous to the environment. We use these green cleaning supplies for everything – carpets, wood flooring, general building maintenance, and much more.

Window Cleaning Services

At Clover Commercial Cleaning in CT, window cleaning is important to us. Windows reflect what one sees on the inside, and it says a lot about somebody if their windows aren’t clean.


While it might seem fairly easy to clean windows, there are important methods for cleaning windows well. If done correctly, windows don’t have to be cleaned that often.


To find out specific details about our services and what window cleaning entails, please give us a call or email us. At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we are dedicated to clean the hard to reach and tough spots. If you want your windows cleaned in a way that looks professionally, contact Clover Commercial Cleaning and find out just how special and thorough our cleaning services are.

Window Cleaning

Building Cleaning 

Building cleaning services tend to be more and more developed these last years in the idea to help the companies to take care of their offices. The building cleaning services keep the offices clean. There are a lot of companies established in Connecticut that need help cleaning their offices in each building. Clover Commercial Cleaning is here to provide such cleaning services.

It is proven that working in a dirty or stifling environment can have a harmful effect on the employees. So it is very important to keep the office clean. Thanks to building cleaning services, the employees of many companies in Connecticut can work and live in a pleasant environment.


The janitors are responsible for the heavy cleaning services. As part of the cleaning services, the janitors will, for example, clean the windows, the floors, and the walls. Janitors also remove trash and sometimes repair equipment. I

Building Cleaning

Importance of a Clean Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning is VERY important! People sometimes judge a place by how clean the restroom is. The restroom is the most annoying and dirty room (usually) to clean.


Also, when people go to a restroom, they expect the room to be dirtier than the other rooms. A building that has a dirty restroom loses more business (typically) than a place with a clean restroom, which is why it is so important to make sure that the restrooms are properly cleaned.

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 86% said that a clean restroom is as important as a clean kitchen and 75% said that they wouldn’t return to a restaurant that had a dirty bathroom.


Cintas Corporation also conducted a similar survey and 94% of people said that they wouldn’t do business with people (again) who had a dirty bathroom, irrespective of the industry.

While certain businesses lose more business than others if they have a dirty bathroom (restaurants and hotels lose the worse-according to 80% of the people surveyed), having a dirty bathroom is bad for all businesses.

The Cintas Corporation asked over 1,000 adults what specific types of businesses they would avoid if they encountered dirty restrooms, and they reported the following:

  • Restaurants – 79 percent

  • Hotels – 79 percent

  • Health Care Facilities – 77 percent

  • Supermarkets – 50 percent

  • Retail Stores – 45 percent

  • Gas Stations – 45 percent

  • Car Dealerships – 39 percent

“To satisfy customers, businesses must ensure restrooms are consistently stocked, clean, dry, and functioning” explained Dave Mesko, Senior Director of Marketing, Cintas.

What this shows is that if you want to have repeating customers (which is pretty much every business) neglecting to properly clean your bathroom can cost you more than germs, but a loss of money as well.

Professional Restroom Cleaners

Having a clean restroom maintained properly could be a big challenge. Many of the complaints that the staff of most establishments are about dirty bathrooms.


Having a dirty bathroom causes a foul odor and germs, and also causes disgruntled workers, which is bad for office personnel. Restroom cleaning is important for health reasons and it’s also a courtesy to employees. A dirty restroom could create bad press for your company; this is why we accord real importance in making sure your restroom is clean.


A cleaning company like Clover Commercial Cleaning is able to provide a restroom cleaning service which also includes our deodorizing service.

At Clover Commercial Cleaning, our restroom cleaning service includes (but not limited to):

  • mopping floors with disinfectant

  • cleaning and sanitizing fixtures

  • clean mirrors

  • polish bright metals

  • clean supply pipes

  • clean waste receptacles

  • clean ceiling vents

  • clean hard water stains.

Moreover, we propose a customized cleaning service for our clients and are able to adapt our restroom cleaning services in the Southwestern Connecticut area for each company.

It’s important to have a clean restroom and making sure the restroom is properly disinfected and cleaned is a job in itself. At Clover Commercial Cleaning, our trained and certified cleaning employees will make sure that your bathroom is as clean as possible.


Cleaning Hardwood Floors

To regularly take care of hardwood floors is very important. The best way to clean a hardwood floor is to wash it with water with a dry cloth. At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we can make your hardwood floors look as good as new.

There are many ways to clean a hardwood floor:

  • First, the easiest solution: you can just buy a chemical spray for routine hardwood maintenance.

  • For a more complex cleaning, it’s best to call a cleaning company to make sure the hardwood floors are cleaned in a way that doesn’t accidentally damage the floors. There are also special brooms to clean the surface of the floors (but not efficient to get rid of grease, marks and bacteria).

Hardwood Floors

four Layers of Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors usually contain four layers and because of this, cleaning laminate floors is a challenge for many businesses. Fortunately, Clover Commercial Cleaning can help! Starting from the bottom of the floor and working to the top, the 4 layers of laminate flooring are:

  1. the wear layer (this is the most durable part of the floor; this layer provides protection against “wear and tear” and is stain resistant)

  2. the image layer (this is the image of the wood or stone that you see in the finished product)

  3. the core layer (this is the thickest part of the floor)

  4. the moisture-resistant layer


How to Cleaning Laminate Floors

While cleaning laminate floors is too difficult and does not require large appliances, it is important to know how to clean laminate floors just right so that they do not get ruined. If laminate floors are cleaned with the wrong materials (like soap and abrasive cleaners) ugly streak marks can be visibly seen “as a result of cleaning”. This is why it is best to hire a professional cleaning company in Connecticut who specializes in laminate floor cleaning.

Because laminate floors have a thick core layer and thin wear layer, certain types of cleaning items are can ruin the floor. A wet mop, polish or wax, any kind of tough cleaner, soap based cleaners, and standing water should not be used when cleaning laminate floors.


Instead it is best to clean laminate floors by sweeping with a soft brush or broom used only for indoors, by vacuuming dirt, using a dry mop, and a (very wrung out) damp mop.



Your Carpet Cleaning ExpertS



Let’s face it: Whether you live in Connecticut, Manhattan or anywhere else, a carpet in your office will never remain as impeccably clean as when you first moved in. Hundreds of shoes will walk on it each week, dust will settle, and much more. The only way to restore your carpet to its original state is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service: That is why we are here!

For years, Clover Commercial Cleaning has been the leading expert for carpet cleaning. We understand that there are numerous ways to clean a carpet, and we are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to do so effectively – even for the toughest jobs.

The three techniques that we use are as follows:

Carpet steam cleaning

When implementing this method, also known as hot water extraction, we use water at the temperature of at least 180 degrees. The water cleans best at this temperature, because hot water is the most effective way to kill fleas (as well as other small insects) and bacteria that may be hiding within your carpet.

Low moisture carpet cleaning

This method involves using a dry compound (a cleaning agent), mixing it with water, and spraying it onto the carpet. We use a brush or a rotary floor machine to apply the cleaning agent on the carpet in order to loosen the dirt and germs. The brush is then used to remove the excess bacteria and grime.

Dry carpet cleaning

This method involves applying a dry compound onto the carpet so that it absorbs the dirt. We then vacuum the carpet to remove the dry compound, making the carpet instantly clean and dry.

Carpet Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Experts

Rug cleaning can sometimes be a challenge, as a rug is made up of loose strands of fabric that accumulate large amounts of loose dirt and bacteria. The only way to effectively remove this accumulation is to penetrate the rug’s surface; a process that makes a rug one of the most difficult items to clean. Connecticut's very own, Clover Commercial Cleaning, however, can get your rug cleaning needs under control!

Servicing Southwestern Connecticut and surrounding areas, we are well aware of the ideal ways to clean a rug. Because microscopic materials and liquids can seep into it, we understand how important it is to clean it in a way that ensures that the rug is not destroyed in the process.


We always complete the job with the utmost care and attention to detail, removing even the most seemingly impossible stains, such as gum or red wine. Whether you have an area rug, Oriental rug, Persian rug, or even a wool rug – our professional rug cleaning company can do it all!

What We Do

There are many safe yet effective ways to clean a rug. One of the best and simplest methods is to use shampoo, as the resulting foam preserves the rug’s color and restores it to its original appearance.


Dry cleaning is another great method to clean a rug. You do not have to wait until it is clean to rearrange your furniture because the rug becomes instantly dry.


Another effective method is steam cleaning, which involves cleaning the rug using hot water. We implement all of these techniques using a specialized rug cleaning machine, which does the job quickly and efficiently.



Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning has always been a challenge in Connecticut offices and buildings. It is very hard cleaning your tiles and grout. Just mopping the tiles won’t make them clean, especially if you want to clean the dirt located between the cracks of the tiles.


So then how does one clean the tiles? They don’t. There is expensive machinery available to clean tiles (which we have and use), but it’s cheapest to hire a professional cleaning company.


At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we use the latest in cleaning technology to get effective tile cleaning done. Our tile cleaning process involves heat, high-pressure rinse and vacuuming. We use a special cleaning solvent to clean both tiles and grout effectively. 


At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we clean tiles in a way most home and business owners aren’t able to do because they don’t have the resources to do so.

Tile Cleaning

Floor Waxing

Dirt can damage your floors permanently and cause unsightly and unsafe scratches and cuts. Ensure the appearance and cleanliness of all your floors with high quality floor waxing services from Four Star General Cleaning Services.


With proper floor waxing, your New York City floors will maintain their shine and lessen the impact of everyday wear and tear. Experts state that regular floor cleaning and preventative maintenance will keep floor surfaces looking their best and increase the longevity of your floor, saving you money in the long run.

Our superior cleaning methods, floor care techniques and commercial janitorial floor waxes and supplies will exceed your high standards of cleanliness and floor appearance.

Our floor cleaning and waxing services include:

High-speed polishing – Give your floors a professional shine with super performance high-speed floor polishing machines.

Waxing and sealing – Protect and buff your floors with high-quality, professional waxing products.

Floor Waxing

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is very important for a host of reasons. One is that tile grout is used to highlight the colors and styles of the tile. When the grout gets dirty, the style and texture of the tile is greatly lessened. When tile grout is clean, it accentuates the entire room. Therefore, when grout is cleaned, not only does this make the tile cleaner, but it makes the entire room look cleaner.


If one wants to show off one’s office or home, getting the tile grout cleaned is the best way to do it. When the tiles look shiny and new, the entire room looks shiny and new since tiles highlight the style of the entire room.

Another reason that it’s important to have grout cleaning is that even if you keep your tiles are clean, grout can absorb many germs. Bacteria, dirt, mildew and mold can enter the grout. These chemicals can cause allergies and sickness, so it’s best to have your grout cleaned not only to preserve physical appearance, but to remove dangerous chemicals that can lead to getting sick.

Grout Cleaning

Stripping and Sealing Floors

Although vinyl composite tile, stone, and hardwood floors are made to be resilient and long lasting, for this to occur,the floors require being cleaned so they look shiny and new. Without proper maintenance, floors can loose their sheen. Stone, vinyl composite tile, and hardwood floors can develop wax buildup and yellow discoloration. If the grimy wax buildup and yellow discoloration isn’t cleaned and taken care of, this problem combined with deep scratches acts like a magnet that attracts even more dirt and grime.

At Four Star General Cleaning Services in New York, we can remove your floor’s old sealer, reseal it with a high-quality sealer and buff the surface so the floor looks sparkling brand-new. This stripping and sealing will also reduce marks and scratches and protect the floor from future dirt entering and harming the floor.

Stripping and Sealing Floors

High Dusting – Ceilings, Air Ducts, & Pipes

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots. Then we proceed by removing bacteria, dust and dirt build-up. The reason that this process is called high dusting is because the areas that are being cleaned (air vents, ceilings, pipes, etc.) are usually over 16 feet high.

High dusting is a very important part of cleaning, the reason being that the areas that get cleaning during high dusting (also known as detailed cleaning) are the areas that many people neglect to clean. The best professional cleaning companies make sure to do a detailed cleaning and it’s recommended to only hire a cleaning company that makes sure to clean the walls, pipes, and other areas where dirt and grime buildup occurs.

While many people who clean their office and their home makes sure to clean the carpet, windows, and floors, many people neglect to clean the air vents and ceilings. One might hire a professional cleaning company to clean the floors and carpets for them, but one rarely hires a professional cleaning company to clean the air vents and remove dirt buildup in these places. Just because many cleaning areas might be neglected, that doesn’t make the cleaning of those areas less important than cleaning obvious areas, such as the floor.

At Clover Commercial Cleaning, we want to make sure that you have the most meticulous and clean office possible.

There are professional ways to remove dirt buildup in the high areas. It’s important to know how high dusting should work so you know that your cleaning company is cleaning the way professionals are supposed to clean.

The way to remove dust from the ceiling is not by blowing the dust off with a blower. The way to remove dust from the ceiling is with a vacuum cleaner. HEPA vacuum cleaners are the best type of vacuums to use when removing dust from the ceiling. A HEPA filter vacuum is the most effective way to keep fine particles of dust from getting into other hard to reach areas.

After the area is properly vacuumed, some additional cleaning may need to be done. Sometimes all that’s needed is to clean the ceiling area with wet towels. It’s recommended to use buckets of soap and water to clean the high areas (such as the ceiling) after the vacuuming is done.

It’s best to have a cleaning company that will not just make sure that the visible areas of your office are clean, but that the hidden areas are as well. Just because you might be unaware that certain areas of the building need to be clean, a professional cleaning company will know to clean these areas. 

High Dusting

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a cleaning process which uses hot water and steam to remove dirt. Steam cleaning is especially effective when it comes to hard to clean areas, such as carpets. In order to remove dirt, the steam cleaner puts the steam through high-pressure jets that separates and loosens the fibers lodged in the carpet.

Since steam cleaning loosens the fibers, steam cleaning is a much more effective way to clean than using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners only clean the surface area of the carpet, whereas steam cleaners get right in there and make sure the carpet is removed of all dirt and grime. Steam cleaning is a much more effective way to get rid of dirt compared to just simply vacuuming.

Steam Cleaning

Office Building Spring Cleaning

Why wait for spring to do spring cleaning?


According to a survey by OfficeMax, 90% of Americans believe clutter negatively impacts their work, while 77% say a messy office damages their productivity. Disorganization also stunts motivation!

Just a few of the simple ways you can clear up and clean out your office are:

  1. Wash windows to let light in and give a clear view of what’s outside.

  2. Sweep the floors, dust the shelves and light fixtures, and check for cobwebs.

  3. Toss out loose papers, old magazines and calendars.

  4. Clean off work surfaces and throw out what you don’t need as you reorganize.

A crucial aspect of spring (or any season) cleaning is the long-term maintenance. Clover Commercial Cleaning is dedicated to helping your office maintain a clean working environment that bolsters productivity and a professional image.

It’s never too late for a spring cleaning (well, it is after Spring), so call Clover Commercial Cleaning for a free estimate to ensure that your office is professionally green cleaned for the Spring.

Spring Cleaning
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